TeData summer trainning

TeData summer trainning

TE Data Academy" is the under-graduate summer trainees program that aims at accomplishing mutual benefits for both TE Data and the Egyptian youth community,
through enabling the trainees to gain understanding of the business world along with valuable work experience, as well as spotting high potentials for future career opportunities in TE Data.

High performance trainees shall have the eligibility for training the next year in TE Data. S/he might also choose the department where s/he gets training.

CV of trainees shall be kept in HR. Upon their graduation, trainees will have priority to employment in TE Data, depending on the availability of job vacancies.

TE Data Academy Program takes place yearly in the months of June, July, August, and September. If you want to apply in this program, please send your C.V. to t.d@tedata.net


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