Scholar-In-Residence (SIR) fulbright scholarship

Scholar-In-Residence (SIR)


· Egyptian citizenship; holders of U.S. green cards and/or passports are ineligible.

· Ph.D. with relevant teaching experience.

· English language proficiency.

· Minimal experience in the United States.

· Ability to achieve the goals of the host institution.


Sends scholars and professionals from Egypt and other countries to universities in the United States to internationalize the institutions’ campuses and curricula. Scholars in Residence typically spend three to ten months teaching and consulting in area studies programs, in interdisciplinary programs that focus on global issues, or in courses where participation of a foreign scholar can provide a cross-cultural or international perspective. Preference is given to institutions that infrequently host visiting scholars and that serve student populations underrepresented in international exchange programs.

ELIGIBLE FIELDS: Communications and media


· International travel for grantee only.

· Monthly Stipend: $2800.

· Monthly dependent stipend: $200-$350.

· Professional Allowance: $400.

· Settling in allowance: $500.

· Health and accident coverage for gantee only.


· Salary Supplement: $4000.

· In-kind support: $11,000 (housing).

AY2011-2012 PROGRAM:

· Announcement: September 19, 2011

· Guidelines· Application· Deadline: October 24, 2011

Note: In AY2011-2012 the Commission is entertaining applications on behalf

of Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

For additional information please contact


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