EED - Egyptian Engineering Day (يوم الهندسة المصري )

شارك في فاعليات يوم الهندسة المصري
The Egyptian Engineering Day is fast approaching, and it's time to consider registering! This is a rare opportunity to get a chance to see sessions by, meet, and network with some really amazing people, on a variety of really important subjects. You cannot afford to miss EED2011! EED 2011 will be held on 6 and 7 September 2011 in Cairo International Conference Center (CICC), Nasr City, Cairo.
This year we have more than 200 projects participating this year, projects in more than 5 fields of engineering! Find out more about the participating projects:

But, before you register, I know you've got 2 questions, right?

“How much are the fees?” -- It’s for FREE! 

"Who is going to be there?"
I'm glad you asked!

All are speakers are from some of the most prestigious and well known, companies and organizations all over Egypt; like Google , Ericsson , Alcatel-Lucent, Vodafone , Etisalat, Raya, EMC , ITIDA , NTRA , IEEE, Nile University ..etc 
They are all putting together some really interesting sessions and workshops.
And they'll be giving sessions on topics like Nanotechnology, Innovation in Google Embedded Systems. And more! Find out the exact confirmed schedule:

In order to attend, you're going to need to get registered, online or on-site – for FREE! 

EED is going to be an amazing, top notch exhibition, engineers from all over Egypt, well-known speakers and conferences. It's not just a chance to network with and meet some of the most amazing Egyptian Engineers and minds, it's also a chance to actually make a difference- it's a chance to find out what other people are doing to make a difference, and to learn what you can do to help. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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EED 2011: 10 Years Serving Egypt
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