Learn English free with Mr Duncan`s video series

'Learning English with Misterduncan' is a very amusing series for learning English in simple & funny way presented by Mr Dunkan you can download more than 50 lessons from 'Learning English with Misterduncan' including the following lessons:-

Lesson NO1-(Introduction)
Lesson NO2-(Hello/Goodbye)
Lesson NO3-(Please & Thank You)
Lesson NO4-(Response to Please/Thank You)
Lesson NO5-(Giving News)
Lesson NO6-(Office Words)
Lesson NO7-(Health and Exercise)
Lesson NO8-(Friends)
Lesson NO9-(FAME)
Lesson NO10-(Saying Sorry)
Lesson NO11-(Irony and Coincidence)
Lesson NO12-(All About You)
Lesson NO13-(Grammar)
Lesson NO14-(Body Language)
Lesson NO15-(Slang)
Lesson NO16-(Technology)
Lesson NO17-(Time)
Lesson NO18-(Small Talk)
Lesson NO19-(Rules!!)
Lesson NO20-(More Slang)
Lesson NO21-(Compliments)
Lesson NO22-(The Way You Feel)
Lesson NO23-(Faults/Bad Habits)
Lesson NO24-(Changing English)
Lesson NO25-(Speech Making)
Lesson NO26-(On and Off)
Lesson NO27-(Noun/Verbs)
Lesson NO28-(Intonation)
Lesson NO29-(Jokes andHumour)
Lesson NO30-(Abbreviation)
Lesson NO31-(Lies)
Lesson NO32-(Fear)
Lesson NO33-(Questions and Answers)
Lesson NO34-(Political Correctness)
Lesson NO35-(Making Mistakes)
Lesson NO36-(Phonetics)
Lesson NO37-(Fashion)
Lesson NO38-(News)
Lesson NO39-(Money)
Lesson NO40-(Complaint and Complain)
Lesson NO41-(Influence)
Lesson NO42-(Action!)
Lesson NO43-(Superstition)
Lesson NO44-(Word Association)
Lesson NO45-(Describing Things)
Lesson NO46-(The Human Body)
Lesson NO47-(Punctuation)
Lesson NO48-(Death)
Lesson NO49-(Food)
Lesson NO50-(Samuel Johnson)
Learning English-(Summer Sickness)

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